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I never ever had to apply for a #1 wishlister, but I just did yesterday. My biggest obsession ever: Mr. Noel Fielding... the beautiful, stylish freak featured here in my layout is currently open for applications.

My heart just stopped for a sec when I saw that and I gave the application a bit time. I tried to explain what Noel means to me and I even made a little artpiece to include in my application.

I have no idea how good my chances are to get the FL, but I know he has quite a lot fans out there, so I certainly won't be the only one applying for him. I don't wanna get my hopes up to high, but if I will be rejected I will be crushed big time. I was rejected before for important fanlistings, but Noel will be hardest thing I guess. If I will get it, I will of course be off my tits with happyness. :-)

So, fingers crossed for that application. :-)

Posted on Mon, 15th March 2010
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Wishlister alarm...

... probably the biggest wishlister alarm EVER!

The Mighty Boosh fanlisting is up for adoption and I almost had an accident when I was reading that. Just couldn't believe it. I'm such a huge fan of this show and that FL would be so much fun to build and keep up. I tried to come up with a really really really good application, but I dunno... I just babbled, probably sounding like a manic fangirl (which I am to a certain degree *lol*). I didn't dare to read my application again after I sent it. I was afraid it would sound so rubbish to me, I would write another one and starting to be a pain in the arse for the person who put it up for adoption. So, I'm just waiting and hoping...

I also applied for two bands that surprisingly to me had no fanlisting: The Horrors and Kasabian. Two of my favorite bands of the last months. I listen to them practically all the time and it's about time they get a FL.

Posted on Sun, 13th December 2009
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Wishlister week!

Oh boy... what a feek! I have the feeling that half of my wishlist is either open for apps or becoming open in the next few days.
My applications for Angelina Jolie and Tim Burton went out today and I think my chances are low but I gotta try, since I love both so much.

And on Saturday the one fanlisting will be open for apps, that I'm craving so much since I have started that whole fanlisting-thing: Twiggy Ramirez.
Twiggy-who? Twiggy was and is again bassist of Marilyn Manson. Since I'm a fan of the band I'm literally in love with Twiggy. He is such a cutieeee. ;-)

Posted on Thu, 4th December 2008
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Excuse me

Yesterday I applied for the Daria fanlisting. The TV Show, not just the character.

I almost missed it. Thank God, I saw the topic the the TFL board yesterday evening, so that coul apply for it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I still love the show and it was one of my first wishlisters.

I'm thinking of a good application for another FL that was closed just a few days ago and is now open for apps. It's for the georgous, intelligent, brilliant musician and artist Brian Warner also known as Marilyn Manson. I'm madly in love with him since I was about 17 or 18 years old. He inspired me and had such a big influence in my life.

Posted on Sun, 12th October 2008
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Busy day
applications collective

Oh wow... I found some time today to look through all of my joined listings and to clean up the dead links. It took me about 4 hours of work, but now everything is fine. Plus: I found some joined listings that are not listed at TFL anymore and I applied for them:
- Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead
- American Beauty
- Bowling for columbine

I also applied for "Nymphetamine" (Cradle of filth). It was about time, I did that. I had it in mind for a long time and at the moment I listen to this album on a daily basis...

Since I'm not working full time anymore starting from august I have more free time that I can devote to my present and future fanlistings. I'm really looking forward to that :-)

Posted on Fri, 18th July 2008
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Dita and the King
approvals applications

So, I got approved for "Insomnia" one of my favorite Stephen King books. I'm such a big fan of this man and his work... it was about time I got a FL related to him.

I also applied for the Dita von Teese FL (the one in the model category, not the adult category). It is up for adoption and I really hope I will get the chance to build that. It's always a lot of fun to make a layout with such a beautiful woman. And I loved her for years now... and probably will for the next 100 years...

Posted on Sat, 7th June 2008
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I adore Clive Barker. He is one of the most talented writers and I love everything that comes out of his beautiful mind.

Now Clive Barker's "Abarat" is open for apps. "Abarat" is one of my favorite Barker books (alongside with "Weaveworld" and "Sacrament") and when the whole story is finished (I think four books are planed) I'll probably love "Abarat" as much as I adore "The Dark Tower".

Posted on Fri, 15th February 2008
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Dracula & more
approvals applications

*screeeeaaaaaaam* I just got the approval for the Bram Stoker's Dracula fanlisting. I think this is one of the fanlistings I wanted the most (alongside with the Simpsons and maybe the Fight Club Fanlisting). So I really want to create something special with that....

I also applied for the Shrek movie that was open for apps. Also one of my favorite in the animation category.

Posted on Thu, 12th July 2007
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Yesterday I applied for the Bram Stoker's Dracula FL, one of the first listings I ever joined.
I just love that movie to death. I saw it the first time when I was about 14 and I fell in love with Prince Vald (breathtaking... Gary Oldman) immediately. I would LOVE to build that FL....

Posted on Mon, 25th June 2007
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Carrie & The Ninth Gate

Two new applications:

- Carrie Bradshaw, the fabulous main character from one of my favorite TV Shows "Sex and the city". The previous FL was closed...

- The Ninth Gate is up for adoption. One of my all time favorite movies, of course with lovely Johnny Depp. This movie isn't that popular among Johnny fans, but I just love it. Dean Corso seems quite interesting to me....

Posted on Sat, 23rd June 2007
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New applications

I decided I need a music-related fanlisting. I listen to music practically all the time and I never go out without my mp3 player.
Since all my favorite bands are of course taken, I decided to apply for Snow (Hey Oh), a Red Hot Chili Peppers Song from their fantastic last album "Stadium Arcadium".

I also applied for the movie Shrek, which is up fpr adoption, but I'm counting on an rejection. The current owner has 6 people on her KIM-List for the movie and I guess a lot of other people applied for it.

Posted on Fri, 20th April 2007
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Benny and Joon

Yesterday I applied for the Relationship Fanlisting between Joon and Sam from the movie "Benny and Joon".

Since I started this whole collective thing I always wanted a Johnny Depp-related Fanlisting, because he's my favorite actor.

I have the impression that Johnny Depp Fans are very assiduous people ;-) and so every fanlisting about him, his movies or characters are already taken.

Posted on Sat, 7th April 2007
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New applications

Lately I had an eye on the category updates lists of tfl.org. I knew that there were broken links to the "Trent Lane" and "Daria and Trent" Fanlistings and today these listings were open for application.

I applied immediately and now I'm hoping they let me built these fanlistings, since I'm a huge Fan of the TV Series Daria.

I also applied for the "Bart Simpson" Fanlisting, but I'm not raising my hopes in that ;)

Posted on Sun, 18th February 2007
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