Noel Fielding

Bouncy, bouncy, oh such a good time. Bouncy, bouncy, shoes all in the line...

I became obsessed with The Mighty Boosh, one of the most adorable and hilarious comedy shows known to mankind. It is a wonder I even got to know this show, since nobody here in Germany has ever heard of it. But I became addicted to another series, which is "The IT Crowd" and I loved the character of Richmond. As soon as I started to look online for this funny guy, called Noel Fielding, that plays Richmond, I discovered the dazzling world of The Mighty Boosh. Alongside with Noel's several appearances on TV and Comedy shows. I instantly fell in love with this guy. He's so crazy, has a unique style and makes me laugh no matter what a bad day I had.

So I dedicate this skin to him. I just loved this recent shots of him at the mercury awards. He looks awesome in his black outfit and blue suede shoes. Really to die for...

Snow White

Well, Snow White, in this case here, beeing ... ME!

I hate getting my photo taken. If someone else tries zu photograph me, I look like an idiot, or like 23985157 pounds, or ... whatever. I just hate it. That's probably one reason I became a photographer, because now I always have a safe place behind the camera.

When it comes to photos of me I always make them myself. I'm relaxed then and the results are much more pleasing, also thanks to my good friends make-up and photoshop.

The pictures used in this skin were taken when I was extremely bored one day in summer at work. I hadn't anything in mind for them, but when they were photoshopped and converted into black&white I was really suprised how good they turned out. And when one of my friends saw them, he said: "Oh my, you look like Snow White!" So, since then, these are the Snow White pictures for me.


This is the original skin I made for my collective.

Since I bought the domain I wanted something related to The Dark Tower: The Rose.


When I saw the movie 300, I was immediately fascinated by the whole style. The storyline isn't that important but the pictures are really outstanding.

I guess I won't get the chance to built the 300 fanlisting (or even the King Leonidas fanlisting), so I made a skin for my collective out of these amazing movie pictures.

Dani Filth

This was a skin I had in mind for a long time

Since about 6 years I'm a fan of Cradle of Filth and their charismatic singer Dani Filth. I'm not really into Black Metal and I can surely not participate in any stupid discussion whether COF are Black Metal or not. Or if they are sell-outs or not. I just don't give a fuck.

What I know, is that that I'm really into Dani. I immediately fell in love with him, when I first took notice of him. I love his voice, his looks, but I think most of all I love his both sides. The dark, philosophical devil on stage and the fun-loving, humorous man he is in privat.