Welcome to Whiskey & Speed, the fanlisting dedicated to the amazing bassist and songwriter Twiggy Ramirez, aka Jeordie White. Twiggy's is known for being a member of bands like A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails and Goon Moon. But most of all he's known as long time bassist, songwriter and best friend of Marilyn Manson.

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Twiggy is a kind of teenage crush to me. I discovered Marilyn Manson and their music when I was 16. And as soon as I noticed this crazy girlish guy playing bass and always looking stoned, I fell in love with him. Twiggy is a crazy rock'n'roll kid. A true freak of nature. He is one of a kind and I always feel better when looking at his mischievous smile.

For ten years I kept track with Twiggy. I was devasted when he left Marilyn Manson, although being relieved that he found a new place in amazing bands like NIN.
Last year, when the news broke that he and Manson reunited and he was rejoining Marilyn Manson, I couldn't be happier. He always was such an important influence on the band and I'm so looking forward to the upcoming album. Big things are yet to come!

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